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ukDEA welcomes £24m investment for heat networks across the UK

7th April 2017

The UK District Energy Association has welcomed the news of the awarding for £24 million to support heat network projects in towns all over the UK. Nine projects have been announced as winners of the funding, which is the first round from a total pot of £320 million, set aside for heat network development.

Announced today by Climate Change and Industry Minister Nick Hurd of BEIS, the funding will enable projects to take place from Sheffield to Camden, with planned works ranging from developing energy from waste (EfW) plants to extending CHP driven heat networks. In addition to the nine winning authorities, a further four have been awarded around £200,000 to help develop their plans. more...


Don’t miss the district energy pavilion at Ecobuild 2016

3rd March 2016

With just a few days to go until Ecobuild 2016 opens its doors, the UK District Energy Association (ukDEA) are excited to remind visitors not to miss the ground-breaking new district energy pavilion at the show this year.

Set to be the largest collection of organisations exhibiting and talking about district energy ever gathered together in the UK, the district energy pavilion is a new addition to this year’s schedule, and promises to be a truly exciting component of this nationally significant event. more...


UKDEA Welcomes News of Significant Levels of Funding for Heat Networks

26th November 2015

It is not often that the Chancellors Autumn Statement contains much good news, but for heat networks which for so long have been left on the side lines it appears that their time has come.

Simon Woodward, Chairman of the UK District Energy Association (ukDEA) commented that,

“Heat Infrastructure which is often seen as the Cinderella of the Energy World compared to electricity and gas, but it seems she has finally been brought out of the cold and into centre stage with ambitious plans from the government to triple the number of homes on district heating schemes”. more...


UK District Energy Association Welcomes Recommendation for Government to Set Clear Targets for Deployment of Low Carbon District Heating

15th October 2015

The influential cross party network Carbon Connect has launched its long awaited publication Policy for Heat: Transforming the System which sets out clear recommendations for the Government to follow if they are to decarbonise the heat sector and meet their legally binding carbon reduction obligations. more...


UK District Energy Association Welcomes Which? Report

5th May 2015

The ukDEA welcomes the publishing by Which? of its report “Turning up the Heat”.

Speaking about the Which? report ukDEA Chairman Simon Woodward said;

“We welcome debate on the issues raised by Which?. The industry has been working hard over the last year to introduce regulation and also codes of practice as requested by the Government. Those companies who want to demonstrate their commitment to good practice will voluntarily sign up to these systems, but it is time that the government got involved directly in such important issues without expecting just a few committed companies in the industry to resolve them." Read more...

UK District Energy Association challenges the next Government to demonstrate its plan to meet 14% target for heat from low carbon heat networks

5th May 2015

With a few days to go until the election polls open, Simon Woodward, ukDEA Chairman, today laid down the challenge to the next Government to deliver a plan on how they will achieve their stated target to deliver 14% of heating in the UK from low carbon heat networks. Read more...


Another missed opportunity for low carbon heat networks? DECC's Delivering UK Investment in Networks:

21st January 2015

As DECC release their report on Delivering Energy UK Investment: Networks, the UK’s leading association focusing on heating and cooling networks, the UK District Energy Association (ukDEA), question whether enough is being done to realise the potential that heat networks can really deliver.

The DECC report sets out what the Government have been doing to deliver resilient and low carbon national energy infrastructure. Simon Woodward, Chairman of the ukDEA, welcomed the ten pages of the document which were devoted to heat and low carbon heat networks, but expressed concern that policy is not in place to back up the government’s ambitions. Read more...


The UK District Energy Association appoints new Technical Director, Simon Woodward

7th August 2014

The recent Annual General Meeting of the UK District Energy Association (ukDEA) raised some important business, leading to the creation of a new role of Technical Director within the Association.

Simon Woodward, has taken on this role with immediate effect. Simon Woodward has been Chairman of the ukDEA since its inception in 2009, and to date has managed this role in conjunction with his position as CEO of Cofely District Energy (CDE). However, Simon has now stepped down from his role at CDE and has launched his own consultancy company, Woodward Energy Consulting Limited (WEC). Read more...


UK District Energy Assocation reaches 70 members as district energy resurgence takes control

29 April 2014

The UK District Energy Association (ukDEA) has hit a major milestone with the joining of its 70th member this month. The latest members include Pegler Yorkshire, Gebwell Oy from Finland, AMCO Pipe UK and EDF Energy, one of the UK's 'big six' energy suppliers.

The 70th Associate Member was confirmed this week to be GEA PHE Systems, a heat exchanger specialist company from Birmingham. Read more ...

ukDEA Applauds £2M Kick Start For District Heating

12 February 2014

The UK District Energy Association (ukDEA) has applauded the recent announcement by DECC that 26 local authorities will benefit from a windfall of more than £1.9 million to support the development of low carbon heat networks.

The support, administered by the governments’ Heat Networks Delivery Unit (HNDU), will spur development of heat networks, and represents the first wave of successful bidders for funding to develop district heating. Read more ...

Viridor become the 60th member of the UK District Energy Association

28 October 2013

The UK District Energy Association (ukDEA) is going from strength to strength, as they welcome their 60th member to the Association.

This benchmark of 60 members marks a tenfold increase since the Association was launched three years ago. Founded in 2010 by just six members with a vision of creating a proactive network of district energy stakeholders, the rapid growth of the ukDEA is further proof that the formation of this Association was not only desirable, but also necessary in the modern marketplace. Read more ...

The ukDEA welcomes Government announcement of £6 million fund for Local Authority heat networks

23 September 2013

The ukDEA welcomes the Government's announcement of a new £6 million grant funding programme to assist Local Authorities in developing new district energy networks.

The fund which is targeted at Local Authorities will be managed by the new Heat Networks Delivery Unit within DECC. The fund will help Local Authorities develop robust business plans which are expected to leverage further financial support and attract commercial investment. The fund will meet 67% of the cost of hiring consultants to draw up technical assessments and financial evaluations, with the applicant contributing the remaining 33%. Read more ...

The UK District Energy Association welcomes appointment of DECC's new Heat Networks Delivery Unit Director

4th September 2013

The UK District Energy Association (ukDEA) has welcomed DECC’s announcement today, of the appointment of Stephen Brooks as Investment Director of the new Heat Networks Delivery Unit (HNDU).

Until recently, Stephen held the position of Managing Director of Ignus Renewable Energy Ltd, a company which develops biomass combined heat and power (CHP) projects. Prior to this, Stephen worked on the development of a £23m biomass fuelled CHP project at the Community Renewable Energy Centre in Sheffield. Read more ...


The UKDEA welcomes views on need for more efficient design of heat networks

6th August 2013

The UKDEA welcomes the views expressed by Huw Blackwell in this month’s CIBSE Journal on the need for more careful and efficient design of district heating systems to avert high levels of network heat losses.

Writing in the August 2013 edition of the Journal of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), Huw Blackwell highlighted the importance of careful design and insistence on better long term performance in averting high network heat losses saying:

‘Without careful design, district heating systems can lose unacceptable levels of heat through their vast network of pipes. We need to educate clients to look beyond low capital costs and demand better long term performance’. Read more...

UKDEA welcomes the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Climate Change’s inquiry into heat

23rd July 2013

The UKDEA welcomes the Energy and Climate Change Committee’s inquiry into heat but would like to see further Government commitment and support for low carbon heat generation.

The Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Climate Change last week announced the launch of an inquiry into heat.

As heat accounts for a significant 46% of the UK’s energy use, it is important to understand all key aspects in relation to heat. The UKDEA therefore hopes that this inquiry will further that understanding. Read more...


UKDEA’s AGM marks the pinnacle of a another successful year and celebrates the appointment of a new Vice Chairman

17th June 2013

The UK District Energy Association is celebrating another year of successes, as the members recently met for the Association’s 3rd AGM, with a packed agenda the event was the biggest and best to date.

Held at the historic St Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry, the AGM was attended by around 30 member organisations, and included a mini district energy exhibition for members to learn about each other’s schemes, products and services, as well as presentations from DECC and OFGEM. Read more...


UK District Energy Association says results of CESP are a resounding success for district energy

15th May 2013

The UKDEA have applauded the success of the recently closed CESP programme in demonstrating the effectiveness of district heating measures in a range of situations. Targeted at the fuel poor, CESP aimed to improve the efficiency of whole houses and even entire areas through the delivery of packages of measures. Read more...


UKDEA welcomes Government’s heat policy proposals but questions whether they go far enough

26th March 2013

UKDEA welcomes Government’s heat policy proposals but questions whether DECC have gone far enough to deliver the required growth in low carbon heat networks.

DECC today released its latest salvo of proposals to decarbonise the nation’s heat supplies.  Heading up the charge of the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s developing Heat Strategy was their new policy document titled “The Future of Heating: Meeting the challenge”.  Following on from last year’s “Strategic Framework for Low Carbon Heat”, this action plan has done well to translate loose aims into concrete policy proposals, though there will plenty of work to do, to turn these proposals into successful action. Read more...

UK District Energy Association Launches into 2013 with Massive Membership Boost

1st February 2013

The UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) is demonstrating the importance of their Association and district energy in general through the massive uptake in membership the Association has enjoyed during 2012.

On 1st January 2012 the UKDEA had 17 members, of which 10 were Full Members and 7 were Associate. Throughout the course of 2012, the Association saw on average 2 members per month joining the association, and finished 2012 with a grand total of 40 members. Read more...


The UK District Energy Association calls for common sense approach to industry standards

21st January 2013

With all the speculation around industry standards for district energy, the UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) has expressed concern that, whilst a standard aimed at ensuring district energy schemes are well planned and appropriately operated is a good thing, the emerging industry could be stifled if such standards place unnecessary financial burdens or restriction on innovation at this critical point in its development.

The UK is one of the last ‘developed’ countries to take up district energy on a large scale, and the industry is enjoying an unprecedented boom since the turn of the century. However, the UKDEA recognises that countries such as Germany and Denmark have been successfully operating district energy schemes on a much wider scale than the UK for some decades now. Read more...


Keeping the bills down and lights on, but what about District Energy, asks the UKDEA

6th December 2012

Simon Woodward, Chairman of the UKDEA said: 'An ambitious piece of low carbon legislation, but oddly the Minister and his officials have given District Energy a back seat'.

The UKDEA welcomes the Government's aspirations published in the Energy Bill. The Bill provides clarification on Electricity Reform and low carbon generation, however, with the majority of the Bill's attention focused on the electricity market, the heating sector has taken a back seat which is rather disappointing; smaller Generators and the District Energy (DE) sector have not been specifically targeted by the Bill. The Department should act swiftly and not lose sight of their commitment to decarbonising the heating network set out in the Heat Strategy back in March 2012. Read more ...


UKDEA’s ambition for District Energy backed by ENA report

24th October 2012

The UKDEA has welcomed a new report from the Energy Networks Association (ENA), which sets out options for the decarbonisation of the UK’s domestic heat supplies.  The report places significant emphasis on the role of district heating in the ENA’s identified ‘Balanced Transition’ scenario, which provides customers with the least cost of decarbonisation.

The report was prepared for the ENA by Delta Energy & Environment, who looked at a vast range of domestic heating technologies.  The UKDEA provided the lead author of the report – Jon Slowe, Director, Delta-ee – with substantial district energy insight, as well as quantitative inputs into Delta-ee’s modelling. Read more ...


UKDEA embracing district energy on all scales

18th September 2012

The UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) is embracing district energy of all scales as the number of smaller, community level district energy schemes begin to take shape across the UK.

Recognising the important role that 'micro district energy' has to play in the decarbonising of the UK's energy supply, the UKDEA has officially opened its arms to organisations and stakeholders involved with schemes from village scale community based district heating schemes to city wide district heat energy networks. Read more ...


UKDEA respond to market request for much needed District Energy Guidance

12th September 2012

Nationally recognised as a centre of excellence for advice and assistance on district energy, the UK District Energy Association is planning to crystallize this expertise into a number of guides which will be provided over the next year.

The first of these will be the core Guide to District Energy in the UK, which will feature case studies, route maps and example energy services agreements to be published in late 2012. Read more ...


UKDEA Welcomes District Heating Requirements in the EU Energy Efficiency Directive

28th June 2012

The UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) has publically applauded the focus of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) on district heating, as formal agreement on its wording was recently reached.

Amongst the measures included in the EED which were agreed to, district heating is highlighted as an important direction, with all member states being required to carry out detailed scoping studies to assess the potential in their own country. Read more ...


UKDEA Research Demonstrates Significant Potential for District Energy in the UK

11th June 2012

As a report by the independent advisory body, the Committee on Climate Change, calls for more action on carbon reduction by local authorities, the UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) has completed research which illustrates the huge potential for district energy in the UK.

The CCC report, published in May, says councils should be do more to help the UK meet its carbon budgets by championing renewable energy schemes, giving them planning consent and supporting the development of district heating projects. It suggests that local authorities across the UK should be obliged to implement robust carbon reduction plans and should be better supported in doing so. Read more ...


UKDEA Building Momentum from DECC's Heat Strategy

31st May 2012

The UK District Energy Association responded officially last week to the Department of Energy and Climate Change's highly anticipated heat strategy document, titled The Future of Heating: A Strategic Framework for Low Carbon Heat in the UK.

DECC's strategy had not at this early stage set out particular policy proposals, instead giving a framework for the decarbonisation of heat. The UKDEA welcomed the development of heat networks in the UK, as a specific goal of the strategy. Read More ...


UKDEA concerned as complexity of RHI limits progress

4th May 2012

Ofgem has recently released its first RHI Update, detailing progress with the Renewable Heat Incentive.

From 28th November to 31st March, Ofgem received 376 completed applications. So far, only 20 renewable installations have been accredited, resulting in RHI payments of £9,700 to date. This and more information can be found on the official update at:

http://www.ofgem.gov.uk/E-SERVE/RHI/Documents1/RHI%20Quarterly%20Report%2030%20April%202012_WEB.pdf Read More ...


UKDEA welcomes Heat Strategy as an important step forward for District Energy

23rd April 2012

The UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) has openly welcomed the publication of the long awaited Heat Strategy from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The strategy, titled 'The Future of Heating: A Strategic Framework for Low Carbon Heat in the UK' has been released following a period of research by DECC into the UK's heat consumption habits. With a large proportion of the UK's total energy consumption being used on heating for homes and businesses across the country, finding low carbon solutions to heating needs is going to be essential if the UK is to meet its carbon reduction targets. Read More ...


UKDEA Bids Fond Farewell to 'District Energy Visionary'

2nd April 2012

One of the UKDEA's founding fathers and a leading light in the development of district energy in the UK, Bill Clark, is to retire from his post as Southampton City Council's Sustainability Policy Manager after more than 30 years of service. Bill has been presented with a gift and a special award of thanks at his leaving ceremony on the 28th March 2012 by the UKDEA, in recognition of his outstanding services to district energy and significant contribution to driving forward the formation of the UKDEA. Read More ...


UKDEA provides district energy expertise at DECC Expo

14th March 2012

The UK District Energy Association participated in an active display at the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Expo last month, having been asked to attend as experts in their industry to help field questions about district energy. Read More ...


UKDEA going from strength to strength as more high profile organisations joins

11th January 2012

The UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) is enjoying a rapid increase in membership, as a further six high profile organisations join its membership base in the last month. Joining as Full members are leading green local authority, Leicester City Council along with district heating energy management company ENER-G Switch 2 and social housing provider Newport City Homes. Joining as Associate members, the UKDEA welcomes Scottish based FES Renewables, leading UK utility network provider the GTC and international consultancy Mace. Read More ...


UKDEA Positive About Opportunities For District Heating Infrastructure

1st December 2011

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement 2011 made much of the push for new infrastructure projects and the UKDEA is heartened to see that district energy is recognised to be an important part of the UK’s future infrastructure potential. In parallel with the Autumn Statement, HM Treasury published their updated National Infrastructure Plan, containing a section dedicated to “Heat Networks and District Heating”. Read More ...


UKDEA Applauds That DECC's Annual Energy Statement Re-affirms Commitment To Developing Heat Strategy

25th November 2011

Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, delivered the Annual Energy Statement on 23rd November.

Electricity may have had its own section within the Energy Statement but mentions of heat were almost at parity with mentions of electricity and power. It’s certainly clear that the Government has come a long way since recognising that heat accounts for nearly half of the UK’s CO2 emissions and is now putting in place strategies to deal with this issue. Read More ...


UK District Energy Association urges caution with lane rental properties

10th November 2011

The UKDEA responded recently to the Department for Transport’s Lane Rental consultation, urging that the unique challenges of installing district energy schemes should be given due consideration within the proposals.

The idea behind the Lane Rental scheme is to charge a daily fee for undertaking works on busy highways at peak times. Whilst not a new idea, the Government is looking again at the possibilities of such an approach, with a view to developing two pilot schemes before considering the potential for wider roll-out. Read More ...


The UK District Energy Association Applauds Scotland’s 2020 Routemap for Renewable Energy

15th September 2011

Last month DECC published their UK Renewable Energy Roadmap - a key document which outlines key actions for eight particular renewable technologies over the coming years - the Scottish Government have also published their 2020 Routemap for Renewable Energy in Scotland.

Scotland’s ambitious plans are an example to the whole UK; ambitions which are backed up by specific plans of action. The UKDEA is encouraged to see that demand reduction underpins Scotland’s plans. Much of the current low-carbon focus in the UK is around the decarbonisation of electricity supplies, but advances in low carbon electricity generation risk being counteracted by significant increases in demand from traditional electricity consumers, as well as from the transport and heat sectors. Read More ...


UK District Energy Association welcome new members: E.ON, Newcastle City Council, CPV Ltd and REHAU Ltd

13th September 2011

The UK's District Energy Association (UKDEA) is going from strength to strength as E.ON, a major UK energy provider, forward thinking Newcastle City Council, district energy piping specialists CPV Limited and REHAU Limited, experts in polymer district heating pipe, join the ranks of organisations currently benefitting from membership of this rapidly evolving group. Read More ...


UKDEA’s AGM Marks The Conclusion Of A Successful First Year

5th July 2011

The UK District Energy Association celebrated a successful first year at the association’s first Annual General Meeting, held recently at Birmingham City Council offices.

In a very lively AGM Chairman Simon Woodward took members through the numerous achievements of the past year. New members Econergy and Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Ltd were formally welcomed, and discussions were held in relation to several organisations who have expressed interest in membership. Read More ...


UK District Energy Finally Has A Voice On The World Stage

30th June 2011

In a world first and after 102 years of the International District Energy Association (IDEA), the UK has finally found a voice on the world stage with an invite extended to the UK's newly formed UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) to make multiple presentations at the district energy world congress in Toronto in June. The UKDEA was proud to be invited to speak on behalf of District Energy owners, operators and local authority partners in the UK. This was in a year when the President of the IDEA commended the delegates to embrace the "I" in IDEA and his key note message was that "heat is the dominant factor in energy consumption and electricity is just a side show". Read More ....


UKDEA Asks DECC To Have Long Term Vision With FITs

14th June 2011

The government has now finalised reduced Feed-in Tariffs for medium to large scale photovoltaic installations, as well as improved tariffs for anaerobic digestion. There has been no change to the new tariffs since they were proposed in the Government’s fast track consultation documents.

Full details can be viewed online at: www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/consultations/fit_review/fit_review.aspx Read More ....


UK District Energy Association Applauds Scottish District Heating Loan Fund

11th April 2011

The Scottish government announced in March a new £2.5 million District Heating Loan Fund. Aimed at registered social landlords, local authorities, SMEs and ESCOs, the fund will offer loans of up to £400,000 to support low carbon and renewable district heating in Scotland.

The programme will be delivered by the Energy Saving Trust and the competitive bid process is expected to open in May this year. Read More ....


UKDEA welcomes signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the L G Group and DECC

28th March 2011

As Local Authorities have a key role to play in delivering against the low carbon agenda in their area, the UKDEA are delighted that a Memorandum of Understanding between the L G Group and DECC has been signed, recognising this pivotal role. This aligns fully with UKDEA recommended best practice, of local authorities taking the lead role in project development, being led by a local authority champion as shown by many of the UKDEA’s schemes across the UK, including Birmingham, Southampton and Woking. As district energy schemes are one of the main solutions to delivering significant carbon reductions in the UK, raising the importance of the local authority in this delivery, which is a clear aim of this MOU, is a key steps towards the wide scale implementation of district energy across the UK. Particularly as these are seen as complex infrastructure projects and need to be local authority led. Read More ....


UKDEA invited to Global District Energy Conference

21st March 2011

The UKDEA has been invited to represent the UK’s District Energy industry at the International District Energy Association’s (IDEA) annual conference in Toronto later this year.

Members of the UKDEA will be represented by Chairman Simon Woodward, who will contribute to a Global Leaders Plenary Panel at the conference on 27 June, sharing the UK’s vision and strategies in relation to District Energy. He will outline the work of the UKDEA and highlight the achievements of member organisations. Mr Woodward will be joined for the session by industry leaders from France, South Korea, Germany, the US, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Japan and China. Read More ....


UKDEA gives views on Electricity Market Reform Proposals

11th March 2011

The UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) has responded this week to DECC’s consultation on Electricity Market Reforms. The proposed reforms are intended to drive the growth of low-carbon energy industries through four key measures:

  1. Carbon Price Support, the Treasury’s proposals for which have already been scrutinised by the UKDEA which responded to the separate CPS consultation last month.
  2. Feed-in-Tariffs, providing long-term contracted revenues for low carbon generation.
  3. Capacity Payments, to encourage security of supply.
  4. An Emissions Performance Standard, limiting carbon emissions for coal power stations.

Whilst the proposals are aimed primarily at the large-scale generation sector, there are potential knock-on effects for district energy and decentralised scale energy industries. Most concerning of all is the lack of consideration given to these industries, which are of fundamental importance to delivery of the UK’s low-carbon economy. Read More ....


Shetland joins the UK District Energy Association

3rd March 2011

Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Limited has become the latest member of the UK District Energy Association (UKDEA), joining founder members Birmingham City Council, Cofely District Energy Limited, Enviroenergy Limited, Southampton City Council, Thameswey Limited and Veolia Environmental Services Limited.

Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Limited has provided district heating to businesses and residents of Lerwick since 1998. Heat used in the scheme is generated at a Waste to Energy incinerator burning waste from Shetland, Orkney and the offshore oil industry. This reduces land-fill and provides the customer with an efficient energy system. A radio transmitting system retrieves customer meter readings, further reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Read more ....


Treasury Carbon Price Support proposals set to damage investment in decentralised low-carbon generation

15th February 2011

The UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) responded last week to the Treasury’s consultation on proposed Carbon Price Support (CPS) mechanisms. Part of the wider government proposals for electricity market reform, the government consultation advocates the introduction of a new carbon tax on fuels used in power generation. The stated aim of this new carbon tax is to “support and give certainty to the price of carbon in the UK electricity generating sector.”

Unfortunately, the current proposals do not take into account the substantial benefits of gas-fired combined heat & power (CHP) and the importance of this technology to the UK’s district energy industry. Read more ....


The UK District Energy Association Looks to the Future of District Energy

25th November 2010

This November has seen a number of important developments which concern the future of district energy, the first of which was the release of DECC’s new annual business plan.

DECC’s Business Plan

The business plan marks out a new approach for DECC who will now prioritise support for the technologies that are most “effective” at meeting their objectives. The plan states: The Department will no longer … fund technologies unless we are confident that they are the most critical to meeting long-term decarbonisation and energy security objectives.

Exactly what material changes this will entail remains to be seen but it is unlikely to result in a particularly prescriptive approach from DECC, whose central tenet of delivering energy security is a diverse energy system, not a system reliant on any single technology or solution. Read more ....


The UK District Energy Association - "a good day for district energy"

21st October 2010

Hidden amongst all the bad news of the Comprehensive Spending Review is some extremely good news for district energy.

The UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) looks forward to the introduction of the RHI for 2011/12 and for it to be funded by government spending, rather than the previously mooted levy on fossil fuel users; though there is lots of detail still to come. One interpretation of the “efficiency savings” for this programme is that the tariffs are set at a lower level than previously expected, though this will become clear in due course. Read more ....


The UK District Energy Association is Launched

16th October 2009

The partners, owners and operators of the largest district energy schemes in the UK are aligning themselves in the creation of the UK District Energy Association (ukDEA); with the aim of not only promoting district energy as a means to deliver significant carbon savings, but also to establish a direct link between the Government and the industry’s small market base.

Yesterday (October 15) Greg Barker MP, Conservative Shadow Cabinet Member for Energy and Climate Change, officially launched the ukDEA at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham – and called the city a “beacon on decentralised energy” in his speech. Read more ....