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UKDEA Asks DECC To Have Long Term Vision With FITs
14th June 2011

The government has now finalised reduced Feed-in Tariffs for medium to large scale photovoltaic installations, as well as improved tariffs for anaerobic digestion. There has been no change to the new tariffs since they were proposed in the Government’s fast track consultation documents.

Full details can be viewed online at: www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/consultations/fit_review/fit_review.aspx

These relatively rapid changes to the feed in tariffs have served to remind industry that no government support mechanism is without political risk. DECC have maintained throughout this process that they must be able to control the level of funding provided to different technologies if this differs from their economists’ projections. The UKDEA recognises the Government’s need to control spending but cautions that such a short term review has significantly damaged investor confidence in all low carbon technologies that are supported by, not just the Feed in Tariffs but also the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive. The UKDEA has discussed this matter with DECC officials and requested that the lead-times required to develop low carbon energy projects should be considered as part of any further reviews of support levels.

UKDEA Chairman, Simon Woodward, said today:

“Work needs to be done to improve industry and investor confidence in the Government’s support mechanisms for low carbon development. We are lobbying DECC to allow for appropriate grace-periods as part of support level reviews, to ensure that investment continues apace in low carbon energy and that industry doesn’t adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach every time a review occurs.”


Notes to Editors:

The partners, owners and operators of the largest district energy schemes in the UK have aligned themselves in the creation of the UK District Energy Association (UKDEA); with the aim of not only promoting district energy as a means to deliver significant carbon savings, but also to establish a direct link between the Government and the industry's small market base.

The Association is a not for profit association of companies and public sector organisations involved or interested with these major schemes. Still in its infancy, the UKDEA has attracted leading players in the industry, with the UKDEA's Full members comprising of seven major organisations:

Birmingham City Council

Cofely District Energy Limited

Enviroenergy Limited

Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Limited

Southampton City Council

Thameswey Limited

Veolia Environmental Services Limited

Together these seven organisations represent the: Birmingham, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Sheffield, Shetland, Southampton and Woking District Energy schemes, together with a number of schemes in London including Olympic Park and Stratford City, Bloomsbury Heat & Power, Whitehall, Hatfield and the Greenwich Millennium Village.

UKDEA Key Facts:

Together the UKDEA Members represent:

  • Over 100 MW of low carbon generation plant (CHP, biomass, EFW etc)
  • Supported by over 500 MW of conventional back up boiler plant
  • Delivering over 500,000,000 kWh of heat each year
  • Across energy networks which, if combined, would extend for more than 200 km

Through Full and Associate membership, the UK District Energy Association’s aim is to represent current and potential owners, developers, consumers, partners, operators and product suppliers of District Energy schemes throughout the UK.

For more information contact:

Chris Tanner, Secretary of the UKDEA

Thames Head Wharf, Tetbury Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6NZ

Office: 01285 770615

Mobile: 07773 457941

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.ukdea.org.uk

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