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Shetland joins the UK District Energy Association

3rd March 2011
Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Limited has become the latest member of the UK District Energy Association (UKDEA), joining founder members Birmingham City Council, Cofely District Energy Limited, Enviroenergy Limited, Southampton City Council, Thameswey Limited and Veolia Environmental Services Limited.
Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Limited has provided district heating to businesses and residents of Lerwick since 1998. Heat used in the scheme is generated at a Waste to Energy incinerator burning waste from Shetland, Orkney and the offshore oil industry. This reduces land-fill and provides the customer with an efficient energy system. A radio transmitting system retrieves customer meter readings, further reducing the company’s carbon footprint.
The district heating scheme employs six people and is a significant contributor to the island economy. The Shetland company is now evaluating further options, including wind power, biomass, waste oils and heat pumps.
The decision by UKDEA members to support Shetland’s application was unanimous. Chair of the UKDEA, Simon Woodward, said,
"I am delighted that Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Limited has decided to join the UKDEA, recognising the key role the association has to play in aiding other organisations to deliver district energy schemes as well as lobbying for essential government support, and legislation which recognises the key role of district energy to the low carbon economy in the UK."
Since its inception in October 2009 the UKDEA has forged important links with international District Energy associations. Members have been instrumental in lobbying Parliament in relation to climate change issues, and the association is currently updating industry publications to support local authorities and organisations seeking to develop District Energy schemes.
District Heating Manager for Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Limited, Neville Martin, spoke about the UKDEA,
"We feel from our own experience that there should be more district energy schemes in the UK and by joining the UKDEA, we feel we can play an important part promoting the district energy agenda knowing our voice in Shetland will be heard. Shetland, Heat Energy & Power Limited has built its scheme based on the Scandinavian experience and with the UKDEA’s help we would like to see some of these practices introduced in to the UK context"
Notes to Editors:
The partners, owners and operators of the largest district energy schemes in the UK have aligned themselves in the creation of the UK District Energy Association (UKDEA); with the aim of not only promoting district energy as a means to deliver significant carbon savings, but also to establish a direct link between the Government and the industry's small market base.
The Association is a not for profit association of companies and public sector organisations involved or interested with these major schemes. Still in its infancy, the UKDEA has attracted leading players in the industry, with the UKDEA's Full members comprising of seven major organisations:
Birmingham City Council
Cofely District Energy Limited
Enviroenergy Limited
Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Limited
Southampton City Council
Thameswey Limited
Veolia Environmental Services Limited
Together these seven organisations represent the: Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Sheffield, Shetland, Southampton and Woking District Energy schemes.
Through Full and Associate membership, the UK District Energy Association’s aim is to represent current and potential owners, developers, consumers, partners, operators and product suppliers of District Energy schemes throughout the UK.
For more information contact:
Chris Tanner, Secretary of the UKDEA
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Tel: 01285 770615
Mobile: 07773 457941
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